Artica Gallery, South Molton Street

Artica Gallery at 42 South Molton Street has a stunning selection of original paintings and signed, limited edition graphics by an array of established and up and coming artists, including the internationally acclaimed Bob Dylan and Alex Echo and Portrait artist Shazia.

We’ve just released our new Autumn Collections and so the gallery is full of vibrant paintings, from Louise Dear to Neil Dawson.

We have also just received into the gallery a stunning new original by one of our most prolific artists Paul Kenton.  ‘Barcelona’ can only be described as one of the most magnificent Paul Kenton’s to date.  Measuring 150 x 190 cm this is a masterpiece on the grandest scale and a testament to Kenton’s continuing development and skill as an artist.

Barcelona 150 x 190 cm

As Paul Kenton enters into a new era of his creative vein, the opportunity to fashion works of magnitude has arisen, and this is the stunning result.  This pioneering statement artwork utilises collage and Kenton’s famous drip technique to craft this unique work of genius.

The gallery is open seven days a week, so please drop by to see our wonderful collections.


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