Paul Kenton

Living in the city…  The city through Paul Kenton’s eyes… Today we release the new signed limited edition collection from Paul Kenton.Introducing idyllic Parisian scenes and the wonderful copper tones of London.

‘On The Thames’ 

“One of my favourite times to paint is when the sun is starting to dip down low on the horizon, bathing the city in gorgeous golden light.  This is also a really exciting time for the city as commuters finish work for the day and prepare for the evening ahead.  I wanted this piece to capture this special time of day, in this special city”

Box Canvas: 29” x 48”, Edition of 150, £695


   “Two of London’s most famous icons are juxtaposed in this scene.  I wanted the impressive St Paul’s Cathedral to dominate the composition and provide a backdrop for the bustle of life happening down on the streets below, with a classic red London bus whizzing past.  Painted using a simple colour palette to really focus on the architectural forms of the building, with splashes of red and flashes of yellow, to really bring this piece to life!”

 Box Canvas: 23.5” x 23.5”, Edition of 150, £399

‘London Calling’ 

 “The view across the Thames towards St Paul’s and the towering city beyond.  Painted using a simple palette to really capture and study the shapes and forms that make up this famous view.  I have then added flicks of red, and dripped black and white to add life and movement to the scene”

 Box Canvas: 20” x 60”, Edition of 150, £650

 ‘Al Fresco Living’ 

  “I love nothing more than to while away an afternoon sat outside a Parisian café, enjoying great food, wine and conversation as city life hurries by. I wanted this piece to capture that moment of indulgence”

 Box Canvas: 23.5” x 23.5”, Edition of 150, £399 


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