Alex Echo | Artist Profile

I was born in USA, in Colorado, on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains. I now live full time in the UK, on a farm in West Sussex with my daughter – The Amazing Jazzi-Bella.I have been a professional artist for over 35 years – and I paint simply because I love to. I look to synthesise the many schools of painting that I’ve grown to admire over the years. These paintings seek to find the balance between past and present – history and contemporary.

I am deeply in love with England filled with endless sea views, sunrises and sunsets. I try with my paintings to honour this place. For this reason I work as “green and sustainable” as possible. I use the highest quality water based paints available. The resin I use to create the “liquid effect” on my paintings is as non-toxic, and low carbon footprint as is possible at this time.

I believe my work can be found in the collections of people as varied as HSH Prince Rainier of Monaco, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Downey Jr., Cindy Crawford, President Jimmy Carter, and the 75 year old widow on the farm next to mine, and many more. Including working with the great Sir Paul Smith on developing a fabric from one of my paintings ‘Classic With A Twist’ This was used as a principle print design for his 2011 Couture Women’s Wear line.

“There is a ballet between light, water, colour and time that I try to capture in each new painting. Each painting has several thousand strokes and movements. Every painting is an attempt to see and feel that dance of colour, and light reflected in a flower, a tree, a hillside or the sea.”

Beautiful colours and intricate movements define Alex Echo’s work. He makes sure that no paint is wasted – the spills of paint that drip from his canvas he then scrapes and saves for future use.


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