Gorgeous!! Three beautiful characters from Shazia’s trip down memory lane.

This Autumn we release the new signed limited edition collection from Shazia, in canvas on board and paper editions.  Shazia has created these lovely characters, based on memories from her childhood.

“I was asked recently about the children in my paintings and who and why I paint them.  I can tell you that some of my previous paintings like ‘Didi’ and ‘Marjolein’ are faithful to, and clear representations of, the people I intended to paint.  However some of my paintings are amalgamations of people and thoughts held through childhood memories.”



“Eventually my eldest sisters began school and I was left trying to while away the hours before they returned home.  Most of that time was spent sat underneath my mother’s sewing machine table catching the thread and silk cuttings that came floating down from above.  My mum would narrate a story from her imagination and I would listen.  Sometimes when she was really busy, she’d send me across the road to a neighbour’s house to play with two boys that lived there.  They never played fair and would collude in teasing me until I cried and slunk off home.  Joel was the younger of the two and in my opinion was the unkindest, but I have long held the belief that he did actually care for my friendship and it was through chance we became lifelong friends.  The spectacles are a kindly reminder of that little childhood cover up!”

Canvas on Board: 24” x 24”, Edition of 75, £599

Paper: 14” x 14”, Edition of 95, £250


 “I spent most of my childhood in my own imaginary world.  I was an incredibly shy child and repeatedly hid behind my sister who was eleven months older than me and would speak on my behalf.  I think now I realise my imagination helped maintain an existence I couldn’t quite secure as a child growing up.  My sister was extremely important to me as a bridge to normality.  Mo is based on my sister.  The large double chinned face, the bling bling ribbons in her hair and the overly pink cheeks derive from the sincerest love and loyalty of my heart, such as I felt at that time for my sister.  The little diamond necklace denotes a tear.”

 Canvas on Board: 24” x 24”, Edition of 75, £599

Paper: 14” x 14”, Edition of 95, £250


“I remember one summer’s day being taken to the park with my father and sisters.  The Queen was celebrating her Silver Jubilee and was making an appearance in the grounds of the park.  My father was holding my big sister’s hand and I held on to my sister’s other hand as we crossed to the other side towards the park.  When we arrived we were greeted with a hive of activity and my father was worries we would become separated in the crowd so he found a quiet spot where we waited for the arrival of the Queen.  Whilst waiting, my two eldest sisters, myself and younger sister began to make daisy crowns on the lawn and began to drift further and further from the crowd.  My eldest sister was the first to complete her crown, so she sat there, quite smugly, like the Queen herself, watching the rest of us struggle.  Edie is based on the memory of my eldest sister, the daisy crown placed around her forehead, hinting to her status as ‘Big Sis’.”

Canvas on Board: 24” x 24”, Edition of 75, £599

Paper: 14” x 14”, Edition of 95, £250

You can view these collections at Artica Gallery on South Molton Street from the 19th September, but please call us on 0207 629 2282 for more information or to place your order to make sure you get a copy!


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