What’s going on in the gallery in November?

As the autumn nights draw in, the gallery is buzzing with lots of fantastic new artworks by the UK’s leading artists.  On the 10th November, we welcome Paul Kenton to the gallery.  He’ll be dropping by the gallery to chat about his artwork and meet his collectors – please let us know if you’d like to attend and we’ll add you to the guestlist.

Also this month we are getting into the gallery the last few paintings from our Autumn Collections, including a selection of brilliant limited editions from Craig Davison, and we’re warming up with the fabulous new offerings from Louise Dear, as we prepare for her visit to the gallery in December.

November also sees the release of the much anticipated new release from Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones, celebrating 50 Rolling Years!

These are only a few of the highlights of November, but drop by the gallery or give us a call for more information – and don’t forget to ask about our Christmas Promotion* T&Cs apply.

See you in the gallery soon!

Ronnie Wood / 50 Rolling Years / Decades // Coming to Artica South Molton Street Soon


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