A Time for Reflection | Stuart MCALPINE MILLER at The Savoy

Congratulations to Stuart McAlpine Miller, whose artist-in-residence collection was unveiled at the very glamorous Savoy hotel in London this week.

McAlpine Miller delved into the famous hotel’s history to create the collection, called A Time for Reflection, which is made up of eight stunning portraits of famous guests, including Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra.

Kiaran MacDonald, managing director of The Savoy, explains how choosing appropriate subjects for the artworks was an immense challenge,  “but in the end we only had to look to the rich history of The Savoy which continually inspires and excites everyone who both visits and works at the hotel.  We are incredibly proud of this collection of paintings by McAlpine Miller.  They are now themselves a chapter in The Savoy’s story and we are sure they will delight guests for years to come.”

The above pieces are titled: Frank Sinatra, Man About Town and Ava Gardner, A Desirable Proposition.


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