Merry Christmas!

Well that’s it – it’s getting colder, rainier and darker – must be Christmas!!

There’s lots going on in the gallery to get ready for the big day and to help you out with your Christmas Shopping…  Up in the gallery at the moment are a selection of fantastic pieces, ready to be festively wrapped up!

From Louis Sidoli we have the infamous ‘Most Wanted’ collection.  For £399 you can capture your favourite stars when they’ve been arrested for flouting the law.  Jim Morrison – Disturbing the Peace, resisting arrest and immoral exhibition’ – the only person to be arrested on stage, Morrison was taken away during a concert at the New Haven Arena, Connecticut.  The bad boy Steve McQueen, caught for ‘drink driving’ and punk rocker Sid Vicious.


A firm favourite for the boys are also the collections from Craig Davison – available on box canvas, canvas on board and paper, and ranging from £315 to £935.  Relive your childhood as a cowboy, batman, or re-enter the Star Wars fantasy….

CDGC29 Yeehah! The Return of The Magnificent Seven__FBC

The Great (ish) Escape Group

If it’s a gift for the wife that you’re looking for, we’d recommend one of the wonderful pieces from Shazia, Simon Claridge or Louise Dear.


Or for something really special, why not think about a sculpture from the Romantic Lorenzo Quinn … ?


There won’t be many more opportunities to own a Lorenzo Quinn resin, but don’t fear – there will be a new collection coming soon!

We hope you can stop by the gallery soon to have a look at the collections and have a glass of mulled wine to warm up!  You can call us on 0207 629 2282 or email if you need any further details.



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