Marvel Superheroes From Stan Lee


The Marvel Superheroes not only traverse multiple dimensions, the entire Universe and time itself, they have now made an appearance here in  South Molton Street, London. We are, as you can imagine, extremely excited to have six of the most iconic covers from the Marvel back catalogue reproduced in both box canvas and paper editions.

What is the back story of this unbelievable hand signed, by Stan himself, collection I hear you wail. Good question I reply. Well Stan has been trying for many years to have the creative genius of his co-collaborators and himself accepted and appreciated by the art world as worthy of hanging on gallery walls. Stan came to realise the U.K. art market was actually fully ready and prepared to hang his chosen pieces next to other great artists. Now Stan had a big decision to make, which galleries to choose. Well I say he had a hard decision but I’m just being modest, he decided very quickly to work with the U.K.’s most well recognised art publishers Washington Green (Our art publisher).

It was decided that we should take six covers from the vast Marvel back catalogue and after much deliberating on both sides of the Atlantic the choice was made. The victorious six, the covers that emerged, were selected for different reasons such as pure aesthetic quality, like ‘The Incredible Hulk #1’, which comments on the Greek myth of the Titan Atlas, who held the whole world on his shoulders, to ‘The Silver Surfer #4’ which is in essence, in my opinion at least just purely cool.

So we had the collection of six, we had the gallery to hang them, now it was just a case of how you guys, the art collectors would respond. My gosh how you responded. The word unprecedented gets flung around a lot these days, but the reaction from the art buyers of the U.K. and all over the world has been astonishing. The truly wonderful thing that we have all noted is the multi-generational appeal of the collection. Grandfathers, fathers and sons have all come together to see a body of work which has influenced them in different ways. The more mature gentlemen remember buying the original comics, the youngest have come to love the movies or cartoons. Is there any other artistic style which has such a wide reaching appeal? Well not that I can think of.

This said, there are still a limited amount of pieces left, ready and waiting to be snapped up and hung lovingly in your home. So if you haven’t had the opportunity to give us a visit yet, hurry, as they wont hang around for long. This is a chance to have a signed piece Marvel history, a chance to become the king of the geeks and geekesses and the envy of many generations before and even more in the future.


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