Heroines and Heroes of Britsh History… Caroline Shotton’s Amazing New Original Collection


This beautiful summer in London has reignited the idea of cool Britania. So celebrate by embracing the kooky self-deprecating nature of British wit through the art work of one of Britain’s best loved artists Caroline Shotton.

Caroline’s surreal look at the history of Britain begs us to ask a question that I am almost certain no one has ever asked themselves, what if the gift of opposable thumbs had been bestowed upon a completely different species?


Her whimsical imaginary world makes us look at our own perceptions of history, removing the stuffy academic memories of trudging through text books and replacing them with a childlike abundance of fun.


From Queen Victoria to Sir Francis Drake no one escapes the Shotton bovine treatment. The painterly quality and skill that goes into each one of these glorious originals is absolutely immense and the detail and time spent on each square centimetre is clear to behold.

ImageThis fabulous collection of original oils will be snapped up extremely quickly, so there is little time to chew the cud over these wonderful pieces.


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