Stuart McAlpine Miller


“Take a look, now take a closer look”

McAlpine Miller

Artica Gallery on South Molton Street is proud to announce the debut signed limited edition collections by The Savoy’s latest Artist in Residence, Stuart MCALPINEMILLER.

McAlpine Miller sold his first work for £24 and until last year the highest price for one of his paintings was £7,000. Now he has been chosen from more than one thousand applicants to take up the prestigious Artist In Residence for The Savoy.

As a child, McAlpine Miller absorbed comic books, like The Beezer Topper and The Dandy, which later became a key influence for his works. He warmed to their simplicity, naivety and found them symbolic of what he believed to be a golden era; a time where values were more grounded, well-meaning and altruistic.  Contrastingly, modern society has chosen the supermodel, fashion and appearance as icons of success. McAlpine Miller uses this figure to represent how our aspirations for unachievable perfection and an obsession with glamour and sexuality, have been encouraged to take precedence over innocence, family and hard work.  So it is the supermodel that forces her way to the forefront of the canvas, pushing the comic book scenes into a muted backdrop (And tellingly, he paints these as the circulation of long standing comic books like the Dandy and Beano drop). 

Estelle Lovatt, art critic for BBC Radio 2’s Art Show, has said of McAlpine Miller “Of the most outstanding beauty in the art world today, his is the new art to be collected for investment and aesthetics for tomorrow. No-one else paints like him.”


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